Christmas at Disney Hollywood Studios


Our last day in Orlando we decided to visit DHS to see the "Spectacle of Dancing Lights".

This is staged in the backlot area of the park that has the 'city view' perspective backdrop.

All I had was a cell phone camera, so the pictures aren't so good...

but the thousands of lights were so impressive, I just had to get a few shots.

They had a great selection of 'Rockin' Christmas music piped thru a very impressive sound system

 Shown here, the entrance to "Honey I shrunk the Kids" and the building facade next door.

We started to leave, but then heard the Trans Siberian Orchestra's 'Carol of the Bells' start up,

so of course we had to stay.....     then that led into some Mannheim Steamroller.


The Christmas tree and surrounding lights pulsed in time with the music.


            This was truly an experience to remember!


See it in HD on YouTube !!
Also here's another video
And here's the Nutcracker


These are not my videos btw... thx to the original photographers for sharing!